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DriveTown Ottawa specializes in car loans and automotive financing even for those that have less than perfect credit. Lenders who focus on people with bad credit have minimum requirements that car shoppers must qualify for and our team connects you to them! Our financial experts will work with you and learn as much information about your current credit situation in order to match you with a lender that will best accommodate your needs.


Car Loans in Canada

Because large Canadian financial institutions have been forced to compete with smaller lending institutions that will extend lending options to those with bad credit, the odds are in your favour, even if you have a history of credit problems. Chartered banks often pay significant attention to a borrower's credit history while smaller lenders with specialized experience for those with low income or bad credit focus more on a borrower’s ability to make payments.


Credit Issues? No Problem!

At DriveTown Ottawa, we match you with experienced lenders who specialize in low income and bad credit car loans in Ontario and Quebec. These lender's often will have minimum income requirements. Here are some of the factors that are taken into consideration by a bad credit car loan lender.

  • Total income
  • Security of income
  • Term of employment at current job. If you've been employed for less than 2 years, be prepared to submit previous employment and previous home address.
  • Term of residency at your current address.

Auto Loans For All Credit Situations

Car shoppers with bad credit history or bankruptcy represent a large group of Canadians which means that there are lenders that are committed to working with you!  We work with lenders that will look at the specifics of your situation and develop a plan that will work for you. If you don't qualify with the minimum income required, you may still be able to qualify with the assistance of a qualified co-applicant.


We Will Work With You

DriveTown Ottawa's professional team of automotive finance experts have access to lenders who specialize in getting you approved. No matter your credit situation, DTO makes it easier than ever to get pre-approved and behind the wheel of your next vehicle. Take a few minutes to get started by filling out our secure online automotive credit application today.

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